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  • Time to call it a day?

    For many heavy-lifters, reducing the load you bench or squat is the equivalent of that moment in a Hollywood starlet’s life when the phone stops ringing. Here’s why sometimes you need to lift lighter.

  • Combat and Hollywood: Part Two

    Guns don’t kill people, scriptwriters do… But only when it suits the narrative. I suppose, to preface a light-hearted post, I should start with an unequivocal statement: The purpose of a gun is to kill. Whether or not it is used to do so, does not matter. A gun, like the atom bomb, is a…

  • Combat and Hollywood: Part One

    One at a time please (the enigma of group combat) True, there are rare occasions where carnage ensues in a grand melee. But there is an unspoken rule of film etiquette that all ‘barnies’ are settled with decorum and civility. In essence, this is an extension of Lazy Writing. Picture the scene. No, don’t bother.…