About Me

DG McEwan

Though I live in Scotland, I’m biding my time before I can return to BC, Canada. I’ve been in 2017 & 2019, and each time I go, I leave part of myself behind. At some point I’ll book a one-way flight.

Right now, I work in leisure management but that tells you nothing about me. I’m a short-sighted, bearded cripple who loves his pizza and beer, and fights a never ending battle to remain in a nominal physical state.

After University, I fell into a career in leisure during which time I returned to Uni to study some more, picking up the academic knowledge of Sports Science to accompany my own love of training. As fates decree to be whimsical ass-hats, a weight-lifting accident in my teens came back to haunt me and hitherto unknown nerve damage took away 90% of the strength in my left leg. I now use a pretty advanced German leg-brace to walk around, but it’s cool, it allows me to confuse airport security. And I feel a little like Robocop.

Before any of this, I roleplayed with paper and dice in the late eighties while listening to thrash metal, finding a place in my mind that I’ve never really emerged from (those are my painted miniatures on the headers). And that’s why we’re here, so you can see my world, and why it’s right that ‘normal’ should be given a hard time.

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