Month: Aug 2020

  • Weight Loss Shortcuts – A Harsh Truth

    There are no shortcuts to losing weight – here’s a straight down to earth and comical shallow dive into the subject. Muffins away!

  • I’m Glad I’m Not Eighteen

    In 1992, an excellent year for heavy-metal, techno and alternative rock, I can’t recall being happy. Not really, not like I am now. Back then, I had two working legs, an awesome head of hair, and dressed like a plaid warrior straight out of Seattle (even though I came from a nowhere, wannabe town that…

  • I didn’t get fatter; the world got easier

    I was born in 1974. I remember having to walk to the television to change channels. Thankfully, someone invented the remote control. It served to protect the carpet from unnecessary wear. People shouldn’t scuff flooring with trivial jaunts to the TV screen. Come to think of it, I remember three channels, before Channel 4 was…