Dumbbells and Dragons – Adventures in Fitness Blog Hell

Welcome to my website.

This was an accident. It was never meant to be what it is now. I have a frontpage I don’t need which detracts from the blog which I’d rather you read. It’s a shameful mess but it’s mine and I’ve just paid for another year of hosting. Ouch.

What was intended as a platform to raise awareness of my writing has turned into a chore that will one day end. It is now June 2022 and I ought to write a new blog post. One thing I do know is that this is the last year of this site. It costs several hundred pounds to run and brings zero income (it was never intended to do so).

In July 2023 Dumbbells and Dragons (dot net) will cease to exist. I will have already started a new site to market my self-published story, Hammer & Glass, an epic fantasy that deviates from the typical genre stereotypes. Once that is published, my time will be consumed in a saga that spans centuries and will take years to complete.

Until then, my blog will sporadically flex its cynical muscles and guide you toward a happier outlook on the physical abstract we call fitness.

Pay it a visit here.

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